Very Bad news from UK

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Very Bad news from UK

Message  Dispatcher le Dim 26 Aoû - 10:17

The British Post Office plans to ban the transport of weapons and spare parts. I buy for myself and my fellow shooters like accessories for my air guns in England. Unfortunately, now plans to English post, to stop sending weapons and weapon parts. This would be for the English (online) arms dealer in the secure destruction, as there are no shipping alternatives.

I have now written to Gordon Lamont Chambers / to email with the urgent request that the attached text of the English post office to get them to rethink.

I would be delighted if you would take the time to you the minute you and involved numerous. Thanks in advance.



JURGEN is an old friend from the Co2 Forum, where he has also posted the article ... I asked him if I could copy the entire post
because it affects us all so ... which of course he was agreed. - I have the text already Kopiet and sent to two e-mail addresses and would be glad if you go along there. Thomas. / Dispatcher.


Email Adressen der Empfänger:
und cc

Heading: Proposals to Prohibit the Carriage of Firearms & Parts.

Dear Sir or Madame,

I wish to protest against the proposals you are trying to implement for the carriage of firearms and component parts of firearms.

I collect and use many British made air guns and I use companies in the UK as a source for spare parts as these parts are not obtainable here in France. All of
my suppliers in the UK use the Royal Mail to ship parts to me and I have contacted them about your proposals and have been informed that there is no other alternative service available that is as cost effective or can give the same service as the Royal Mail.

Many of these companies will have to close down if these proposals are passed. Please leave the postal service as it is as you provide a great service to all of us who rely on ordering parts from the UK.



Please give the message even further to friendly forums ... otherwise we may soon nothing more order from England.
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Re: Very Bad news from UK

Message  NOUNOURS le Dim 26 Aoû - 18:46

Merci de nous en tenir informé

Dans la recherche commune des arguments, celui qui est vaincu a gagné davantage à proportion de ce qu'il vient d'apprendre...

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